Adaptation PBL

Adaptation PBL

My Ice Flower has yellow dots because it holds honey that tast sweet.It also has ice on it so it is harder to eat and no animals bother trying to eat.

My other animal the bockopus has big ears to here little sounds it also has orange dots on its arm that are sticky so it can climb up mountains and go to o safe spots. It has big sharp teeth it has long arms that can strech so it can reach high trees. It also has big eyes so it can see in the dark and dark caves.

I have another animal called the Flyber and it is blinded but it has a very good sense of smell and it eats what ever it can fit in its beak it uses its talains to pick soufflé up of the ground that it can eat it has big ears so it can hear because it is blind.

I also have a animal caled the poison tailed dragon it has a pocket so it can carry its babies but only the girls have them it has flat teeth so it can grind it also has spikes on its back so if any body tries to attack from behind it will jump on its back. It has spots that are bright colors on it so predators think they don't tast good.

Another one of my plants is called the sun berry tree the Barry's produce heat for the animals to eat it is very rare to find sun berry trees in cold spots lick tedrainy. The berrys grow fast on the tree, but faster in worm places the branches are thick and long for flying animals to live and make nests.

My next animal is called the brakey it has a long neck for reaching trees that are really high up it has big nails for digging in the deep snow. It also has big teeth for that are flat to grind on plants. It has fur that covers the skin so when the it sheds its skin it has its fur coat to keep it warm it uses its tail to defend its self its tail has spikey spikes all over it.