Sensing the need for a self-teaching element, the Dennisons gathered some of their favorite activities for learning and moving, gave them playful names, and organized them according to the three dimensions from the advanced courses. These activities were published in a little orange book called Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole-Brain Learning in 1986. This series of activities is known today as the Brain Gym movements, and forms the core of the Brain Gym program.

Many of the Brain Gym activities, such as the Owl, the Elephant, and Alphabet 8s, were developed from Paul’s knowledge of the relationship of movement to perception and the impact of these on fine-motor and academic skills. Others were learned during his training as a marathon runner, his work with developmental optometrists doing vision training, and his study of Jin Shin Jitsu (a form of acupressure). Dennison Laterality Repatterning and Three Dimension Repatterning are Paul’s original contributions to the field of education. Gail brought in her own movements from her background in dance, natural vision training, acupressure, and Touch for Health.