by james refi


Carbohydrates are a group of chemical compounds that contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Fun Fact

Animals are able to both use and store the energy that carbohydrates contain. The carbohydrate family includes such organic compounds as sugars, starches, and cellulose.

Carbohydrates with living things

The carbohydrates allow the living thing to have energy to work muscles. When Carbohydrates are eaten they get digested and become sugar and energy in the bloodstream that then help the muscles to work.

what are they in?

carbohydrates are in bread and crackers etc.. they give you energy so your muscles work

there ate different types of carbs

there are

Monosaccharaides - which contain the smallest amount of glucose

Disaccharides - these are in Maltose,Lactose,Sucrose

Polynucleotides - these are the high complex Chain

there are complex and simple

complex carbs are things like potatoes, corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots, green beans, etc.

simple carbs are things like bread, pasta, cereal, rice, etc.

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