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Do Not Let Incontinence Change Your Life

Your day will be affected if you find yourself worried about losses and smell, but with proper male protection tailored to your needs worries disappear instantly. You will see for yourself that it is not necessary to stop doing what you like, for example, watch a soccer game, go to the field with family or play golf all day. All you have to do is use incontinence protection adapted to the male anatomy. What should you look for when choosing a protection for male urinary incontinence?

Urine is unpredictable: losses may occur in small or large quantities spread rapidly through clothing, producing damp patches and discomfort, so it's important to have adequate protection designed for rapid absorption. The penis tends to move when you drag yourself, so look for a product that fits securely and comfortably to the contours of the penis without restricting natural movement.

If you're away from home, you may not always be possible to change your protection immediately, so it is important to use a Disposable Catheter product that keeps urine away from the skin for comfort. For most of us, discretion is key, and that requires a lightweight product with a high absorption capacity, which also prevents odors.

Adequate protection for incontinence gives you all this so you can enjoy your life with confidence.