Smore progect by Coltin and Hunter


Knox Mountain Lookout

Hallow and welcome to the grade 7 science field trip. To start of we took a bus from K.L.O to Knox Mountain, The rock that we found there is called igneous, inside the rock we found smaller thin layers of rocks. the proses that formed the land was volcanic irruption, glaciers, erosion, and tectonic plait movement.

Gormans Mill

we bust over to the west side across from Gorman's mill and found coal and layers of volcanic ash, inside of the rock we found fossils. the thin black layer were volcanic ash, so the climate was very hot then cooled and got hot agene.

Mt Boucherie

we took a bus to Mt Boucherie and we found a rock with pin hols in them, the rock was called igneous. Mt Boucherie is smaller now because of plait movement.

Layer cake mountain

we are in east Kelowna. the theory is that only one flow of extrusive igneous lava fractured as it cooled

The quarry

we bust for ewer last stop to get metamorphic rock. metamorphic rock forms under grown, but is raised to the serifs Gering mounting balding proses.
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