Technology at LV

By: Lauren Bradley

Typing Web

When you walk into the room you grab your name tag and then go onto your computer and then typing web. You do this because is makes your typing fast, and its just a warm up for the class. By the end of the 1st semester you have to have the whole first indeterminate done!


This was a project was where you had to do a trailer about a part in your life or your life! It was fun for me because I like to pick my stuff and you could do that. You could pick any theme you wanted to do, but it had to match your part of your life. Also you had to have photos you took. No google images!

Haiku Deck

Haiku deck was a presentation on your dream job. That means what you wanted to do when you grow up. You could use career locker for some of your resources. What you had to have in it was, collage, salary, what your job was, why you like it, what are somethings you could do. Those are just a few, you needed at least 11 slides.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is when we had to choose one math problem out of ten, and explain how to solve it. First you would type the problem you picked, up on explain everything. Second you would draw a picture out on the Ipad and show what you did. Third you would draw out the equation and talk to her in the little microphone on the ipad and explain everything you did.

Career Locker

Career locker was when we went on the career locker website and did a few things on it. Our teacher for this unit was Mrs. VandenBoogaard. She helped and walked us though all the steps. We made our own characters, that match our own self. Also we explored the map.


Coding was when we went on the coding website and did some coding for a few weeks. In order to get a 4 you had to complete stages 8 and 9. To get a 3 you had to complete stages 6 and 7. Trust me it wasn't that hard to get a 4.