made by Caleb addison

Things To Buy

On this new earth there will be some interesting things to buy such as

*the hover board- a futuristic skate board that can go up to 20 ft. and a speed of 30 km. hr.

*New Cars- these cars are built like never before they can fly up to 186 mph.

*Jet pack- these freshly made flying mechanisms can get you were you want to be in a blink if a eye

things that can harm you

be careful all the power we are getting is from a nuclear power plant and if your exposed you can die.

another reason to be careful there is still some bad people out their and they will harm you.

things you can do

You can go to the beach and chill and get a tan in our new lawn chair that FLOUTS!!!

You can also take a tour around the world in the madder of minutes!!