Westview Course Registration

For Current 9th - 11th Grade Westview Students

Throughout the month of February, Counselors will be visiting 9th, 10th, and 11th grade classes to meet with students to discuss their course selection for the 2021-2022 school year. Students can access their course history and credit summary on StudentVue in order to help them plan out their courses for next year. The information provided here will be helpful in the course selection process.

Important Dates for Course Requests

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9th - 11th CRF Open House Appointment Times

Family Appointment Times are limited to 10 minutes. Please schedule an appointment with your counselor below.

Alisa Berner (A-Fel)- CLICK HERE

Vanessa Ho (Fem-Lim)- CLICK HERE

Katie Ramirez (Lin-Rog)- CLICK HERE

Christine Cudmore (Roh-Z) - CLICK HERE

Ruben Mata (CTE & Intervention) - CLICK HERE

CRF Student Drop In Hours

These drop-in times are for students only and are intended to answer quick questions.

Tuesday & Thursday 11:05am - 12:20pm

Click the link below to be directed to your counselor's Zoom.

Alisa Berner (A-Fel) - CLICK HERE

Vanessa Ho (Fem-Lim) - CLICK HERE

Katie Ramirez (Lin-Rog) - CLICK HERE

Christine Cudmore (Roh-Z) - CLICK HERE

Course Request Videos

Course Request Presentations

4-year Planning Presentation

Copy of 4 Year Planning and Course Selection

Helpful Documents

Course Request Worksheets

Additional Resources

MCHS Automotive Technology Courses

Please contact your Counselor if you are interested in enrolling in these courses and complete the form found below by clicking on the button "Dual Enrollment Form".

MCHS Fire Science/EMT Courses

Please contact your Counselor if you are interested in enrolling in these courses and complete the form found below by clicking on the button "Dual Enrollment Form".

Poway Online Courses

Online courses are available through Poway Virtual School. Students are selected for this course through a lottery by the district. Counselors do not make decisions for enrollment in these courses.

Academic Tutor Application

If you would like to be an academic tutor for a teacher or a particular subject please complete this form. The course codes for the academic tutor section will be displayed after you submit the form.

Dual Enrollment Form

If you are interested in taking one of the following courses at another high school, please complete this form. Fire Science, Auto Tech, 3D Animation, and Construction Tech.

Early Graduation Form

If you intend on graduating a full year early (current 10th grader) or at the end of the first term of your senior year (current 11th grader), please complete this online form and your counselor will contact you to discuss your options further.

Academic Success

If you are interested in taking Academic Success next year as a course (not linked with math) the course numbers are not found on the course listings. Please see below for the course numbers to enter based on your grade level next year. Enter the numbers twice if you would like the class all year.

10th Grade - 228001 - 228002

11th Grade - 228003 - 228004

12th Grade - 228010 - 228011

Repeating a D or F grade

4-year colleges and universities do not accept grades of D or F. In most cases, you will need to repeat any A-G class in which you earned a grade of D or F. Please see your Counselor to discuss your options for repeating a class.

What exactly is a College Prep Elective?

In the A-G requirements, category G is listed as a College Prep Elective. At Westview we offer several courses that meet the G category, such as Psychology or Sociology; however, there is another way to meet this requirement. You may use a course that exceeds the minimum amount of coursework in a certain subject area from the A-F categories. For example, if 3 years of math are required, a 4th year of math can count as a College Prep Elective. Refer to the course catalog to find what A-G category a course falls under and if it can meet the G category as well.

Taking a class outside of Westview?

A limited number of outside courses are approved for credit through PUSD. Approval forms must be completed PRIOR to starting the course. Please see our Registrar, Mrs. Carroll for more information.

If you are taking a foreign language course outside of Westview, you will need to complete the Application and Authorization Form for Foreign Language Credit PRIOR to beginning the class.

Thinking of skipping a level of math or taking a summer math course outside PUSD?

Our recommendation is to not skip a level of math. PUSD does not currently have any approved Integrated Math classes through outside schools or programs that will be accepted for credit. If a student takes something over the summer it will not be on their PUSD transcript. More importantly, if a student signs up for the higher level next year and realizes it was not the correct placement, they are not guaranteed a spot in the previous level, as there may not be space available.

Specific to Integrated Math II: Aside from the mathematical instruction and curriculum reasons against skipping Integrated II, there is a college requirement component, as well. The UC system requires that students take a geometry-based math course as part of their 3-year math sequence. They consider Integrated Math II to be this course in the integrated sequence. We have been advising students against skipping Integrated Math II for this reason in particular. We do not want students to find that when they apply for college that they do not meet the UC requirements because they did not take Integrated II. More information can be found on pages 18 - 19 of the UC Counselor Reference Guide.

CA State Seal of Biliteracy

Poway Unified has recently adopted the California State Seal of Biliteracy to be awarded to our high school seniors. There are specific requirements in order to earn this distinction:

- Complete four years of English coursework with an average GPA of 2.0 or higher.

- Take the SBAC test in English Language Arts in 11th grade. Students must earn a Standard Met or Standard Exceeded on the SBAC/ELA test in order to qualify.

- Demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English.

Students only apply in the spring of their senior year of high school. For additional questions, please visit the CA State Seal of Biliteracy page on our website or speak with your counselor.

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