Trail Mix

Valentine's Edition!

Written Documentation Reminders

Do not put ANYTHING in writing that you would not want read by a judge or have to sit on a witness stand and defend. Additionally, any comments written in SIS Contact Log, TAT Referrals, IEPs, Success Plans, 504's, and all documentation placed in cumm files need to reflect factual statements. Use phrases such as: "Student reported", "Parent stated", and "Teacher states".

See Jeff or Amanda for additional clarification.

Attendance Awareness

If you have a student who has missed several days or is excessively absent, please make sure to:
  1. Be in constant contact with their family
  2. Ensure the student has solid relationships with peers and adults in the building
  3. Notify Jeff and Amanda

We, as adults, need to have a heightened awareness of reasons students may be excessively absent or tardy. What can we do to help make sure they want to be here?

Recycling Program Reminders!

No food tainted material can be in the recycling bin. This includes yogurt containers, used paper goods (Kleenex, paper towels), and any other item that has come in contact with food or bodily fluid.

STUCO will still pick up the boxes you have in your rooms that you place paper in on Fridays. Please make sure the box is labeled Recycling. (if the box is not labeled it will not be taken)

See below for additional information regarding acceptable and non-acceptable items.

Acceptable items: aluminum cans, boxboard (cereal, cake, and cracker boxes), cardboard (cut into 2x2 pieces), carrier stock, chip board, corrugated cartons, junk mail & envelopes, magazines & catalogs, manila file folders, newspaper & newspaper inserts, office & school papers (including colored), phone books, plastics #1-7, tin &steel cans (rinsed)

Non – Acceptable items: aerosol cans, aluminum foil, egg cartons, food tainted items (used paper plates, paper towels, or paper napkins), food waste, garbage, glass jars & bottles, hard/paper back books, ice cream cartons, juice boxes/bags, paper/waxy milk cartons, pizza boxes, plastic bags, plastic cups & silverware

Field Day Voting

From Jenny's email:
If you have not had a chance to submit your opinion, please do so. I will need to reserve dunk tank and bounce houses by March. If the last day of school wins, and there are snow days after reservations made, there may be a chance that field day will not be on the last day of school. Thanks so much!

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Baby Spight Gender Reveal

On Wednesday, February 19th, join the Gender Reveal Fun by:

Guess Who? - Intermediate Edition

Our mystery staff members last week were: Lisa DeLacy and Amy (Clark) Schasteen! They both stumped the staff. The streak continues!

Staff Member 1: This individual spent their 1st Thanksgiving away from home crying in a hotel watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." They spent my 1st Christmas away from home surfing. This person doesn't like being away from home on the holidays.

Staff Member 2: This individual cannot wink. They are a state champion hurdler. This person sold insurance for six months before teaching and hated every second of it.

Upcoming Events!

Monday, February 17th
  • No School - President's Day!

Tuesday, February 18th

  • Gordon Way, KC RPDC Consultant, ALL Data Teams meet during plan time

Wednesday, February 19th

  • Spring pictures in gym
  • MANDATORY ALL STAFF MEETING (Dr. Poisal re: crisis plans) 8:00 a.m. Library
  • Cherie Mericle (Bist Consultant) is here 9:00 - noon
  • Baby Spight Gender Reveal!

Thursday, February 20th

  • Happy birthday, Kristy Hardee!
  • BCBS Health Screenings in Library

Friday, February 21st

  • 3rd grade Dental Screenings in Library 9:00 - 11:00
  • February Luncheon hosted by Cafe, Recess, and Custodial
  • GIFTS Fundraising Assembly 2:00 - 2:30
  • KT Painting Party @ Pinot's Palette

Saturday, February 22nd

  • Happy birthday, Amy McMullen!