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Friday, May 7, 2021

Here is what you will find in today's edition:

  • Weekend Weather
  • COVID Updates, with a survey
  • Broadband Coming to Colrain (It is already here!)
  • Would You Rather, with a survey
  • The Porpoise, with a survey
  • Fun Facts About Names
  • Endangered Animal of the Week: Asian Elephant
  • Fun Facts
  • Birds, Birds, Birds
  • Guinea Pigs Vs Aliens, Part 1
  • Hunting and Fishing Updates
  • Extinct Animals: Carnotaurus
  • A Hamster Story
  • How The Dinos Died, Volume 5, The Last of The Dinos
  • Colrain Cafeteria Updates
  • Colrain Lunch Menu: May

We hope you enjoy this edition!

The Outsiders (Colrain Fifth Grade)

Weekend Weather with Alvin

Saturday, May 8th, will be a high of 58 degrees and a low of 38 degrees with a few showers.

Sunday, May 9th, will be a high of 63 degrees and a low of 37 degrees.

Don't forget to get your mom a present for Mother's Day.

Claire's COVID Updates

Hi there! Happy May, today I will get you caught up on COVID 19 cases. First the answer to last week's question………… 30,357!

  • In the US there are 54,520 new cases as of April 20, 2021.

  • In Massachusetts there are 1,613 new cases as of April 28, 2021.

  • In Franklin County there are 8 new cases as of April 28 2021.

In the USA 98,044,421 have gotten fully vaccinated! In the USA 142,692,987 have gotten at least one dose!

My resources are: Our World in Data and The New York Times

Bye for this week, stay safe!

Broadband Coming To Colrain (It is already here!) By Shaunty

This week's article is about wifi coming to you soon. Some people have already got the high speed wifi. If you live father away from a cell tower or your internet is really bad you can get it faster. They have set up most of the lines and turned it on. Some people just down the hill got it turned on already. They just measured for some people. As you can see this wifi is here or coming to you soon. That's all I have for this article, see you next week bye. ;

Would you rather? with Mason

Big picture
Big picture

The Porpoise by Grace

Did you know that there are six species of porpoise in 3 different groups? One of those groups is the Harbor Porpoise. The Harbor Porpoise is found in the Gulf of Mexico. The harbor porpoises like colder waters and stick to the east coast of North America. Porpoises mainly eat fish, octopus, and crustaceans. Did you know that a female porpoises gestation period is 10 to 11 months? They usually only have 1 pup or calf at a time. I hope you like this week's animal. Make sure you answer the Google form below.

If you would like to learn more visit:

Photo credit: Jan Zoetekouw /

Endangered Animal of the Week: Asian Elephant with Cole

Asain Elephants are badly endangered! There are under 40,000 of them left in the wild. People kill this animal because they invade people's land and sometimes threaten people, so villagers and farmers kill them. Elephants are herbivores because they eat only plants. Elephants are also the biggest land mammal on the planet. Please help this animal from going extinct by checking out the link below.

Donation Website By: Cole Bassett

Picture Link

Big picture

Fun Facts By Jaida

Fact 1: Did you know that snails can take the longest naps? You are probably wondering how long? You are talking 3 years long.

Fact 2: All babies are born with blue eyes.

Fact 3: Mars looks red because the red is rust and mars is covered in dust.

Fact 4: Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.

Fact 5: You can't smell while you are sleeping.

Fun Facts About Names By Abi

Stephanie Fun facts about name!

Stephanie: The name Stephanie is ranked on the 48th position of the most used names. It means that this name is very frequently used. We estimate that there are at least 7,088,300 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.098% of the population.


Madison: Madison is a surname of English origin that has become a popular given name in the United States. Madison returned to the top 1,000 ranked names for boys in 1987, remaining there through 1999, and it also was the 858th-most-common name for boys in 2004, but it remains uncommon as a masculine given name.


Steve: 19,922 babies were named Steven, which was 0.5871% of the baby boys born in the USA that year. The most the names popularity ever grew to was 0.957%, more than 38000 boys were named Steve.


Jacob: The name Jacob comes from the Hebrew Yaakov and means 'supplanter'. This reflects the actions of the biblical Jacob, who tricked his father Isaac into bestowing a blessing intended for the oldest son to him instead of his older brother, Esau.


Emily: Emily has been a hugely popular name in the English-speaking world, ranking among the most popular names in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand


Anthony: Origin: The name Anthony comes from the Roman family name Antonius. Its meaning is debated, though some say it means “priceless one” or “highly praiseworthy.” Gender: Anthony is generally used as a boy's name.

BIRDS, BIRDS, BIRDS with Joey and Ms Mary

Hello Spring Bird Lovers,

Well…….the Hummingbirds have ARRIVED!!! They have been non stop at the feeder, so we went out and bought another feeder to satisfy the crowd!!

We have seen many Purple Finches at the feeders, and Goldfinches are real regulars these days. Still waiting to see a Baltimore Oriole and the Indigo Buntings.

We will keep you posted as they arrive and throw out a few suggestions of different things that they love to eat.

We have seen a Rose Breasted Grosbeak and have a report that the Baltimore Orioles have arrived. Time to stock up on oranges! We hope to provide some pictures of the newcomers soon.

Happy Watching!

Joey and Ms Mary

Guinea Pigs vs Aliens, Part 1 By Logan

My guinea pigs were just chilling when they heard a loud BOOOOOM!!!! They were both like, "what was that?!?" Then they heard another BOOOOM and got yeeted out of there cage! They climbed upstairs where Logan’s mom was watching tv and on the news it said they were getting attacked by aliens! Then aliens burst through the door and took Logan and his mom! The guinea pigs crashed through the door and got into Logan’s moms car! Meatball said “I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!!!!!!!!” And rake said “You can do the petals and I can do the steering wheel”. They drove a couple miles and found a cow consume and a alien costume lying on the ground. And then they drove to the cow farm that is close to Logan’s dads house. Then they got out of the car BUT THEN THE CAR GETS ABDUCTED BY THE ALIENS!!! Meatball says “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LOGAN'S MOM IS GOING TO HATE ME FOREVER”. And rake calmly just jumps into the car and gets the alien and cow costume and says “we just need these”. And then they go into the cow costume and gets abducted by the aliens. Then rake says “Great! Our plan is unfolding”.

- you will have to wait to find out what happens next!

Hunting and Fishing Updates with Wyatt

One thing about hunting is that you always want to follow the rules and regulations. One thing that is awesome about hunting is that you get to enjoy all the beautifulness of nature. I like hunting because you can get outside and enjoy nature. The only thing about hunting is that before you go hunting you want to make sure that you are abiding by the law. One thing that involves abiding by the law is that you never want to hunt at night or at any other illegal hunting hours. I think that hunting is a great way to get your kids out in nature and teach them all about nature.

That's all for this week, stay safe and I will see you next week.

Big picture

Extinct Animals: Carnotaurus by Kaydan

  1. The word Carnotaurus means meat eating bull

  2. Carnotaurus has shorter arms than the T-rex

  3. Carnotaurus lived in late cretaceous South America

  4. Carnotaurus is the only identified horned theropod

  5. We know a lot about Carnotaruses skin

  6. Carnotaurus was a type of dino known as an Abelisaur

  7. Carnotaurus was one of the fastest predators of the Mosaic Era

  8. Carnotaurus may have swallowed it’s prey whole

  9. Carnotaurus shared it’s territory with Snakes, Turtles and mammals

  10. Carnotaurus couldn’t save Terra Nova from extinction

10 Facts About Carnotaurus

A Hamster Story By Summer

Once upon a time there was a girl named Summer and she had a hamster named Coco. Coco is a superhero and Summer didn’t know that. So one morning Coco got an alert to save Logan's guinea pig named Rake because he was falling. So Coco got Summer’s exercise trampoline and Coco saved Rake and now everyone was happy. But then!!! Chester the other guinea pig knocked his food out of the cage and he tried to get it but he was going to fall then Coco brought the trampoline over and Chester was saved then Coco put them in their cage and everyone was happy. THE END

How The Dinos Died, Volume 5, The Last of The Dinos By Abby

So they went home with no toys. And if you're a kid you know how sad it is to not get a reward for people being all up everywhere in your mouth. Keep in mind they are about 5 and don’t get a toy. That is so sad. So they had a melt down….a BIG melt down. Sooooo, they jumped into space and grabbed a bunch of space rocks and threw them at Earth and all the dinos died. (Also, that is why the moon has so many holes!) not true or a good source of information

Colrain Cafeteria Updates By Addi

Lunch for next week

Monday: Mac & Cheese Broccoli, Fruit & Milk

Tuesday: Tacos Meat & Cheese Rice, Fruit & Milk

Wednesday: Chop Suey, Green Beans & Garlic Knot, Fruit & Milk 1:50 Dismissal

Thursday: Chicken Nuggets, Tater-Tots, Fruit & Milk

Friday: Cheeseburger, French Fries, Fruit & Milk

Colrain Lunch Menu: May

Click here to see what is on the menu at Colrain in May


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Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed this week's edition! See you next time!