Fight Song Service Project

Tullia S.

CCA Toy Drive

The CCA Toy Drive is a service that provides Christmas presents to children that can't afford to get one. I gave a kid a gift card to Old Navy for $15 so they can get some "swaggy" new clothes. I would definitely do it again, because just one present can make a kid be happy. And of course I would recommend it, it's a fast easy way to make a little person happy. Alot of people thinks service projects are to time consuming, but you can always just do something like the CCA Toy Drive.

Helping Others

It's important to help others because you can make people feel good. Sometimes people are in a bad situation, like they lost their job and they might not be able to afford food. So sometimes you just need to help someone or something out. How does helping others impact the world, it makes they world a better place one tiny step at a time.


A.H.S is the Animal Humane Society, they're a organization that's like a pet shelter except they let you foster a animal or come and play with the animal just to make the animal happy or get they're energy up. For younger kids they have the Pet Set Youth Club that teaches them how important it is to help animals. I would love to be involved in this organization because I love all animals, and I think anything that's living should be treated with care.