7 Characteristics of Civilization


Governoment is the system of people, laws, and officials that define and control the country that you live in. The U.S. government, for example, is a representative democracy with three branches.

Mesapotania was ruled by kings.

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Social structure

the people in a society considered as a system organized by a characteristic pattern of relationships.

There are three classes in Mesapotania. Middle class, Upper class and lower class.

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A language is a system of words and grammar used by a group of people. When we write and speak, we're using language.

Mesapotanians used smooth stones to write on.

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Art is the expression of ideas and emotions through a physical medium, like painting, sculpture, film, dance, writing, photography, or theatre. If you love the creative process, maybe you'll devote your life to art.

Mesapotanians used to carve pictures of animals on cave walls.

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Religion has two related meanings: it’s the belief that one or more divine beings are responsible for the fate of all human life, and it’s also an organization where people of a specificreligion can express their beliefs.

Mesapotamians had more than 1,000 gods.

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Technology is using science to solve a problem or create a product. You probably have some gadgets and gizmos, like cell phones and video games, that you really enjoy. These are products of technology.

Mesapotanians were the first civilization to use wheels, sailboats and bronze.

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Food Surplus

A surplus is something extra or left over. If your tree produces more apples than you can eat, you can make applesauce with the surplus of apples.

Mesapotanians had a lot of food t ofed everyone.

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