Born To Be Wild

Don't have exotic animals as pets

Real life stories

1. 12,000 pound orca whale with a nickname of tilly mauls and kills his trainer Dawn Brancheau at sea world.

2. Norman Buwalda was attacked and killed by her “pet” tiger when he entered the cage to feed it.

3. An 11 year old girl from Columbia county is flown by helicopter ambulance to children's hospital in Pittsburgh after being mauled by a pet mountain lion.

Dangers for people

They could get mauled and very injured and killed because the animals could be very vicious and crazy.

Some dangers for animals

They don't get to just wander around the world like they usually do so when they come out they could be really hyper and dangers.

What is legal and illegal

Its against the law in Washington St to have a wild animal for a pet.

Whats the impact on the environment

They have to worry about the wild animal getting loose and it could kill anyone if it got loose.

What do the numbers say

There has been 543 people who have got injured because they had a wild animal as a pet and 75 have died.

What do the experts say

“You can buy a cobra but you can't buy common sense.”