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Great ways to stay connected!

Benefits of Technology in the classroom

Technology is one of the most beneficial resources that can be used in the classroom. It gives students the chance to interact with each other and allows parents the ability to stay connected to what's going on in the classroom. It also provides a comfortable communication platform between the parents and teacher. When used correctly, technology is a great tool! During class, students are given the chance to play interactive games that follow a lesson. There are plenty of online games that can further a child's education skills. There are many different apps and online resources that can be used to stay involved and motivated in the classroom!

What are some examples?


Parentlink is a wonderful app that provides a great communication platform between the teacher and parent. With the app, the parent can check their child's schedule, classroom activities, and easily stay in touch with a teacher. Any questions or concerns can be asked through this app in just minutes. This app is a great way to stay connected!

Google Interactions

Many different google interactions are used around us to communicate and stay organized. In the classroom, we'll be using different interactions as well! The Google Calendar will be used to schedule everything that happens in the classroom, and will be updated daily. We'll be updating student's grades and classroom participation reviews on Google Drive, which allows parents to know how the students are in the classroom at all times. The PowerPoints we use in class will be posted on Google Slides, and the students will have discussions on Google Sheets. It's a great way to interact and stay connected at home and in the classroom!


Facebook is one of the biggest social media websites used. It can be used to stay connected with friends and share details about your life. Similarly, it can be used in the classroom as well! Whenever we have an event hosted by the classroom or school, we'd make events online and give all the details about it there. Also, this app will be used to post pictures and videos of events and student interactions in the classroom. It's a great way to stay connected!