Thank you!

You've made my business flourish

It's because of you.

Back in December of 2010, Chris was informed that his division at Evergreen Investments was going to be laid off. Needless to say, we were in a state of panic. While I enjoyed the convenience of working from home with I Thee Wed, it became apparent that I needed to start looking for full time 9-5/Monday-Friday employment while Chris started his job search. I was reluctant to say the least. I loved being home with Thomas, Drew and Lucia and did not want to head back into the corporate world and rush hour traffic! The same exact week Chris was laid off, I was invited to a Stella & Dot trunk show. I had no idea what Stella & Dot was, I just knew I needed a glass of wine with my girlfriends! For those of you who know me, I was not an accessories fashionista before joining Stella & Dot. My idea of accessorizing was to wear little pearl earrings - that's it! So, when I was oohing and ahhing over the S&D collection at my friend's trunk show and casually mentioned to the Stylist that my brides would love the jewelry for bridesmaids gifts and honeymoon accessories, I was surprised when she said "you should sell it, it's just come to New England". That sentence alone changed my life. Fast forward 3+ years and I have a fulfilling and flexible career with Stella & Dot because I took a leap of faith to try something completely outside of my comfort zone. More than believing in myself, it was YOU who turned an opportunity into a business for me. It was YOU who supported me - whether you hosted a trunk show, attended a trunk show, thought of me when you needed a present and ordered on-line or connected me with a friend or relative who you thought would love to learn more about the Stylist opportunity or just expressed to me that you were happy I found something that I love to do for "work" - THANK YOU. My business would not be nearly as successful if it weren't for my family, friends, customers and hostesses. I appreciate you more than I can adequately express and thank you for your constant support and encouragement over the past 3 years. Chris now has a great job with Wellesley Investment Advisors and I get to work from home for a company that I adore. Life is good and I am grateful to have experienced the unexpected twists and turns for if Chris didn't lose his job, I would never have found Stella & Dot. To me, my career with S&D is so much more than just selling jewelry, it's being part of a multi billion dollar company in the making that empowers women to succeed through flexibility, financial freedom and a whole lot of fun. It goes without saying that to witness first hand how women can enhance and impact their lives by joining S&D has been extremely rewarding as a sponsor and mentor to my fabulous team of Stylists.

With appreciation and gratitude for all that you have done for me, my business and my family.



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