iPads In Education.

Is It Worth It?

iPad Introduction

The below video is a short clip of Steve Jobs introduction of the iPad.

Steve Jobs iPad Launch - Mobile Introduction
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How Do You Use Your iPad?

When iPads first hit the market, I'm sure that the publics main purpose was to use it for mobile wifi connections, ebooks, pictures, or videos. But with the development of thousands of apps, the capabilities of the iPad has grown ten folds. Today, you can see iPads being used in businesses, education, and the medical profession. These are just to name a few. But one thing we all can agree on. Where ever the iPad is used, it makes a dramatic impact on improvement.

Apple TV & Airplay

With the old Power Point slide presentations, you were confined to the location of the device presenting the slides. With Apply TV, you are no longer restricted to an area, you can directly stream your presentations or what you desire by using Airplay.

iPad and Apple TV AirPlay Tutorial

Did You Know?

Did You Know? iPads in Education

iPads In The Classroom.