Jamestown is a place that we are NOT wanted! THIS IS HELL!

England is your home!

Do not, I repeat do not come to Jamestown. You are English for a reason. Some settlers, which includes my family members, and I made the biggest mistake in believing that Jamestown is our promise land. When our fellow settlers said that Jamestown is our freedom land, its free here alright; free to catch diseases and meet your grave without anything in exchange. When you come here you will catch the worse diseases that you never even know that existed. Let's not forget that you will not have any wealth, the Indians will take all of your property and possessions from you. If you are there and still have your property... RUN! If they don't take from you...then they will enslave you!!

If you still choose to come... Welcome to Hell!


You have been warned! Do not come to Jamestown unless you are ready to watch all of your family and love ones die. If you come unless you are prepared to starve and accept that you will drink a nice solution of feces! If you like the sound of becoming severely ill and going to live your last days suffering because there are not any medicine... Come on down! Hell wel-...I mean, Jamestown welcomes you.

Oh yeah, we do not have clothes nor any blankets, so you will be walking around naked. Enjoy!

We are all dying...

We are hungry.

We are thirsty.

We are sick.

We are cold.

We are tired.

We are suffering.

This is HELL!

Save yourselves and stay in England!