By: Calvin Wiggins


It all started when Zeus banished Heidi because he was abusing his power. After so many years, centuries of sitting in the underworld chained up to a wall. He grew very angry with Zeus, so angry he broke out of the underworld. Back on earth everything was the usual routine. A young man name Persis was very well known for sending off messages, informing people, giving people their mail, and he was practically the mail man of his village. One early morning a dark cloud appeared. Everybody thought rain was on its way so they resumed their day. The clouds got worse; the cloud had formed a hole inside itself. Suddenly a long narrow line struck down to earth like a lightning bolt. Teleports Haidi’s and some reinforcements “who was Haidi’s reinforcements?” The Titans, Titans are supposed to be cousins of the gods the difference between these were they are built to destroy and terrorize people. Before Haidi’s released the Titans to terrorize people Haidi’s begin to embrace and celebrate how he broke out of the Underworld. The most; terrifying, loneliest, worthless, dark, and horrible place you can live. Persis had already begun his journey to mt. Olympus. So these Titans grew tired of waiting for Haidi’s commands they began to steal, kill, and destroy. Zeus already been warned about Haidi’s before this happening, but did not know about the Titans that were coming right behind Haid’s in a straight line. Persis was well on his way to mt. Olympus Haidi’s was traveling not too far behind. After many weeks went by walking through this cold harsh winter Persis arrived at MT. Olympus. Persis found Zeus sitting on his all gold throne surrounded by lightning bolts lying around everywhere. Persis immediately told Zeus “Haidi’s was coming not by his self but with Titans to terminate you”. After been told the bad news Haidi’s and the Titans were walking up the mountain. Zeus was angry with Haidi’s and Haidis was angry with Zeus. “You coward fight me alone”!!! “As you wish” Haidi’s replied. They began this merciless fight Zeus had nothing to do but throw lightning bolts. Every time Zeus hit Haid’s with lightning bolts this caused sound waves. Haidi’s was so immune to Zeus’s lightning strikes. After realizing how powerful he had become he commanded the Titans to attack Zeus. Persis couldn’t bare to watch this bloody fight Zeus grew tired of this everlasting fight. Zeus ran out of lightning bolts he knew he would die trying to kill the Titans and Haidi’s Zeus eyes turned pearl white he ascended into the air He balled up his Godly fist and put a crater into the Earth destroying The Titans and Haidi’s shock waves leveled trees and mountains behind them especially MT. Olympus. Persis was far away from the battle. After Persis hearing the explosion Persis ran back to see this overwhelming sight. First sight he saw Zeus laying inside the crater Persis was heartbroken, his own hero died in battle. The gods found out Zeus had perished the gods gather together to make a decision whether are not to replace Zeus with Persis. A few moments later the gods came to a conclusion Persis was honored with becoming a god because of his loyalty and hard work dedication.