Lowell Library Newsletter

April 2023

April Curriculum

What an exciting month here at Lowell with the Art Show, Music Fest, Literacy Week, Poem in your Pocket Day, Book Fair, AND an author in Residence, Jarrett Lerner. Thank you to The FTO and The Watertown Community Foundation.for their generous support!

In classes we spent time at all grade levels writing original poems and reading Jarrett Lerner's books. Third grade finished their Seed to Plant animated gif demonstrating the concept of abstraction. Fifth grade is hard at work on their 30 second book talks.

What We Learned: April 2023

Kindergarten: We learned about:
  • What is Poetry?
  • Rhyming words
  • Keyboarding

First Grade: We learned about:
  • Structure of Poetry
  • Rhyme
  • Rhythm
  • Book Creator

Second Grade: Learned about:

  • Structure of Poetry
  • Writing Poetry
  • Book Creator

Third: We learned about:
  • Haiku
  • Poetry Writing
  • Brush Ninja: Abstracting a scientific process into an animated gif

Fourth Grade: Learned about:

  • Poetry Writing and Reading

Fifth Grade:
We learned about:
  • Poetry Reading & Writing
  • 30 second Book Talk Project

Author in Residence: Jarrett Lerner Thursday, April 27th

Our Author in Residence, Jarrett Lerner, was a HUGE hit! Mr. Lerner led two classroom workshops and two large group events showcasing his process to creating characters and a story. Kids were thrilled and excited, as you can see from the photos. Thanks again to a generous grant from The Watertown Community Foundation.

Please Return ANY Lowell Library Books You Find at Home!

  • My child has a library book from before quarantine. What should I do with it? Please bring it back! There is no penalty for pre-quarantine books and I would love to have them back in the library so other kids can enjoy them.
  • Will kids check out books this year? No, our library is still in storage and the number of books is limited. Kids will have a chance to enjoy books during library class this year which will, hopefully, inspire some ideas for outside reading.
  • Where can we access the databases and encyclopedias? Use the Lowell Library website and under SEARCH find a list of the databases students have access to through the school.
  • What will students learn without the library? Don't worry! I selected a lot of books to continue our read alouds each week. We will also take this time to explore more aspects of our digital learning curriculum such as digital citizenship and computers as tools.