The Wonderful World in D121!

News Update for the week of October 10th

Wednesday Folders

In this week's folder there are several important things for you to see. on the stay at home side you will find 2 different fundraisers. Our school will host a catalog fundraiser and a coffee fund raiser. If you interested in selling- we APPRECIATE all help.

In the bring back to school side you will find your child's Social Studies test from last week along with a few other graded assignments. Please sign these and return them to school.

***Due to late start progress reports will not go home this week, instead you will find them next week!


What's Up?

Science: We are continuing to study Ecosystems. Yesterday the students began to work on food webs and chains. The unit test is scheduled for October 23rd.

Math: Today we have a Division test. We have studied several different methods and oh have we PRACTICED! Tomorrow we will take a break from Math and Friday I will work with students who can still use help with Division. On Monday we will begin paterns and Functions.

ELA: Reading groups are moving right along. In writing we are creating our final narrative. The students are busy creating their very own informational piece from research and using text features.

Social Studies: We successfully finished our Reconstruction unit. Now we are studying Moving West. The test for Westward Movement in October 25th.


October 18: Open House 6-7:30

October 26-29 : Student Holiday- NO School

October 31: Carroll School

November 6: Election Day-NO School