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August 31, 2020 Fall Tri #2

Hello Eagan HS Parents and Guardians of Students in 10th, 11th and 12th Grade,

We are excited to announce that our students will have an opportunity to come to Eagan High School the week before school starts to have their Lifetouch school photo taken and pick up their textbooks, school owned band instruments and pre-paid 11th and 12th grade parking permits.

See Lifetouch Photo information- click on the blue button at the end of this letter!

Groups have been broken down by Alpha to help us ensure that social distancing protocols are followed. Due to our protocols, this must be a student only event. Parents, if you are driving, please drop your student off at the East Entrance Doors and wait in your car for your student to finish. We expect the process to take 15-20 minutes. In addition, please stick to the arrival times on the chart below. In this way we can pace the process for social distancing and safety.

ALL STUDENTS MUST ARRIVE WEARING MASKS. They will be allowed to remove their mask for the school photo and then resume wearing it while at school.

Students who can’t make it during this week will get their textbooks during the first week of school and their school photos will be taken later in the Fall.

We ask that students print and bring in their schedules and also bring in a backpack for books.

Digital Academy Grades 10, 11 and 12 - Tuesday, September 8th (see schedule below)

Hybrid Learners (see schedules below)

Grade 10, Wed. Sept. 9

Grade 11, Thurs. Sept. 10

Grade 12, Fri. Sept. 11

Students in grades 10 will be taking school photos and checking out textbooks. Juniors will be taking school photos, getting textbooks and picking up pre-paid parking permits. Seniors will get their textbooks and pre-paid parking permits. School owned band instruments will also be available for pick up.

Student schedules will be opened on Infinite Campus to students on Thursday, September 3.

If your student is new to District 196 and unable to print a schedule, we will have a printed schedule for them, and any other students who forget to print their schedule.

New parents/guardians will also be receiving an access code in the mail to set up your Infinite Campus portal so please complete that when you receive the letter.

Students new to District 196 will also receive their iPad and charger as they travel through this process.

Here is the schedule for the four dates September 8-11.

Big picture

What Supplies Will I Need?

Every student will receive an iPad and charger. A stylus for the iPad is very useful as is a remote battery pack charger.

Students attending in person should have black ink ball point pens, #2 lead mechanical pencils or wooden pencils, eraser, single subject notebooks and pocket folders (teachers suggest matching colors for each class that needs one).

Masks are required when on school buses and walking into the building. While in the building masks must be worn except while eating lunch.

Calculators for math, as well as protractors/compasses for students in Geometry.

Students will not be issued lockers so a backpack is essential.

EHS Counseling has donated school supplies. Please contact 651-683-6921 if you wish to come in and receive needed supplies.

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