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Deciduous Forest - This is the hardwood forest containing maple, birch, aspen, oak of the eastern United States and Canada.

Temperate Rainforest - In North America, a thin sliver of land along the coastal range from California to the panhandle of Alaska is home to a temperate rain forest.

Tropical Rainforest - The tropical rainforest is located in Yucatan peninsula in Mexico through Panama lies the Central American Rainforest. There are also tropical rainforests on the African continent.

Boreal Forest - Like the tundra, the taiga or boreal forest circles the Northern Hemisphere. This is the home of the spruce and fir coniferous evergreen forests. It is an area of harsh winters and the plants and animals are adapted to a short growing season.


Deciduous Forest - The average temperature of the forest is about 50 degrees F. The average amount of rainfall in the forest is 30 to 60 inches a year. As the seasons change, so do the colors of the leaves of the deciduous trees.

Temperate Rainforest - Temperate rain forests are found on the western edge of North and South America, where moist air from the Pacific Ocean drops between 60 and 200 inches of rain a year.

Tropical Rainforest - In an average year in a tropical rainforest, the climate is very humid because of all the rainfall, which amounts to about 250 cm per year. The rain forest has lots of rain because it is very hot and wet. This climate is found near the equator.

Boreal Forest - These forests are mainly found in broad circumpolar belt across the northern hemisphere and on mountain ranges where low temperatures limit the growing season to a few months each year; thus too unfavorable for most hardwoods.


Tropical: Tiger, orangutan, lemur, Leoperd, Eagle, Elephant

Temperare: Elk, beavers, raccoon, cougars, black bear

Boreal: Deer, Artic fox, Sibearean tiger, Arctic Hare, Wolverine

Decidious: Hawk, Fox, Owl, Beaver, Opossum


Tropical: Lianas, Silt Roots, Epiphytes, Bromeliads, Mangroves

Temeperate: Mooses, Ferns, Fireweed, Skunk Cabbage, Costal Redwood

Boreal: Huckleberry, Mountain Ash, Hawthorne, Rhododendron, Ragweed

Deciduous: Maple, Oak, Birch, magnolia, Sweet gum, Beech

Description/List of plants and animals found in a deciduous forest.
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