African-Americans strike back

We Will Stand Strong!!!

George Washington Carver

When George was young him and his mother were kidnapped by midnight riders , his mother was killed and his father died in the barn . Him and his brother james were orphaned.They had to walk to a seperate school for blacks.He could not afford college even though it was cheap.But he got a job,and became an inventor. He invented paint and glue, inventions that we use today.

Satchel Paige

Satchel was passed over because of his race . He was not allowed in church and many other places. Satchel new he was a good pitcher so he would not stop looking for a team who would take him.When he was on a team people in the crowd threw things at him and booed at him, but he kept playing.He was known for his fastball.
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Early African-Americans

Early african american slaves would try to escape their owners to be free even with a choker around their neck.They knew they would maybe get caught but being free was worth the risk.