The Passage: The Novel

By Justin Cronin

A Post Apocalyptic Novel

The government found a virus that will create "super soldiers." These super become bigger, stronger, faster, and drink blood. Basically a vampire.

Wolgast and Amy

This virus was to be tested on twelve deathrow inmates. FBI agent Brad Wolgast had been assigned to recruit these inmates and convince them to do as the government says. He then is ordered to kidnap Amy, a six year old girl who he becomes attached to. The inmates catch the virus. Although Amy got the virus, she did not have the same transformation as the others. This virus can be caught by other people. Wolgast and Amy escape and live in the mountains for a year while everyone else on Earth catches the virus.
“We live, we die. Somewhere along the way, if we're lucky, we may find someone to help lighten the load.”
Justin Cronin, The Passage
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  • Amy- A 6 year old girl that is shy, dark, and misunderstood. She had a dark past and did not have many oppurtunities.
  • Sister Lacey- African American that grew up from poor terms. She survived a gang rape earlier in her life.
  • Brad Wolgast- An FBI agent was very successful. His infant daughter had died which impacted in negative way. In a way, he filled the void of his missing daughter with Amy.


The theme of this book is hope. Amy is the last hope for humanity because she is the only one immune to the virus.


Symbolism is shown by Amy. Amy symbolizes humanity and how weak it is. She can be compared to the Biblical Noah from Noah's Arc because while everyone is turning into a vampire, she is the only human left, much like Noah surviving on his arc while the rest of humanity is dying.


The Passage is a book that takes time to understand. It is unorganized at first but got better later on. This books makes the reader sympathize for Amy. The Passage is recommended to people that like science fiction and vampires or just a good thrill in general.
Interview with Justin Cronin, author of "The Passage"