My Summer

By: Stephen P.


Over the summer I binge watched Arrow on Netflix, which is currently my second favorite show. Season 4 just started last Wednesday.


I went to the movies and saw Ant Man, Avengers 2, and The Flashpoint paradox, because superhero movies are my favorite. Next summer I plan on seeing Batman v Superman, Captain America Civil War, and X Men.
On top of the movies and Netflix i also watched a variety of YouTube videos.
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This is Mark not only my favorite you-tuber, but spouse in the Game of Life. He is skilled in many facets of life including photography, game shows, coaching, and being a lifeguard.

Six Flags

My family and I went to Six Flags where we enjoyed almost every large ride including The Superman, Batman, and Titan. While waiting in the lines at Six Flags we played Headbands and it was hilarious.