Forgetting 😢

(why we forgetπŸ€”) hanoof mhaibes

Do we really forget ❓❓❓

You store information in your memory but are unable to remember it when you need to, but possibly can at a later date. So the information is unable to be reached , human memory simply forgets information, permenantly, and the physical traces of the memory disappear so the information is unavailable

How do we forget β“β“πŸ€”

Forgetting depends on where the memory is stored (long term or short term memory)

There is 3 ways to forget in your STM

  1. Decay- this happen when you don't practice
  2. Displacement- when old memory replace the new memory
  3. Interference- when the brain process of being interfered with.

  • forget information through decay

Is it gone forever πŸ˜§β“β“β“β“

We can forget information but then they don't disappear from our memory,

There is memories which we never knew they still existed

These memories can be brought back from smell or place or picture or any little thing that connects to the event


In psychologistworld
"in 1966, psychologist Baddeley found that participants of his study found it easier to remember words which were more distinguished). "

Alan Baddeley on the development of the working memory model