Egg Drop


Define The Problom

Ken and I had to drop our egg design from a 45ft drop of a firetruck ladder.But we where limited supplies.2 Rubber Bands,20 cm x 20 cm piece of cardboard,3 cotton balls,5 plastic straws,2 pieces of paper,5 packing peanuts,50 cm kite string,50 cm of tape,20 cm x 20 cm piece of plastic bag.2 Dixie cups,5 toothpicks,5 q-tips,3 Popsicle sticks.


We had an idea to put the egg in both cups.Then we put packing peanuts inside. We put two rubber bands around it to hold the egg in.We made a parachute to slow down the speed s o then it will be a better landing. We Finley put straws on the bottom so it would be like a helicopter to make it spin to slow it down more.


When we got done with are design.We went to the stairs to try it out we dropped it and we needed to slow it down so it would no hit the ground so hard.So we put two straws on the bottom to make it spin that would slow down.Then we tried it, it work good so we did that.

final design

Are final design was really good.It went better then i though would.What i would change is first make the latter higher.It would make it more fun. Second bigger design and all the supplies want. Lastly the person who made it would be able to drop it off the firetruck.