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How do we UU's do "the Holidays"?

Here we are again, entering the "holiday season". While there are many holidays acknowledged and celebrated at this time of year, Christmas is the juggernaut … the stores are already full of Christmas goods and I've already heard Christmas music playing while I shop (in early November!).

Many faith traditions give a clear idea to adherents of how they should celebrate, what their practices at home with their families should look like. We UU's aren't so easy. We are responsible for our own theology, and for our own practices. What one UU family does will not look exactly the same as every other UU family … and that's fine, even wonderful.

But just because you have your own "free and responsible search" doesn't mean it's not nice to have some wisdom and guidance from others along the way! So I'll be sharing a little snippet of holiday reflection or practice each week for the next 6 weeks, starting with this:

My blog post from last year: "Re-Thinking Thanksgiving"

"A Thanksgrieving Reflection" by Isabell Call

This Sunday, November 18th


  • Spirit Play class for preschool-5th grade, with a story about Francis David


  • Spirit Play class for PreK, with a story about Francis David
  • Labyrinth Learning class for 1st-5th Grades, learning about Francis David and the Edict of Torda
  • Middle School Group, learning about American Faiths of the 1800's
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Sunday and Every Day: Taking It Home

Last Sunday the Family Chapel explored the theme of Revelation. We discussed the meaning of the word, and heard two stories of revelation: Moses and the Burning Bush and Theodore Parker and the Turtle. Our worship stations were labyrinth meditations, a revelations drawing game, self portraits, and Mad Libs.

Discuss at home:

  • What does Revelation mean? Where do you receive revelations?
  • Many religions tell of divine revelations … of gods or angels giving humans a truth by talking to them. What do you think of that idea? What other ways could humans receive revelations, and from what?
  • Do we need to pay attention better to revelation? What might distract us from it? How could we focus and pay attention more?

Try Doing a Spiritual Practice for Focus:

Draw your own Labyrinth

Use it to meditate

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Looking Ahead, Sunday November 25th

Sara will be in the pulpit this Sunday, so Anisa will be in charge of Religious Education classes.


Spirit Play for preschool to 5th grade, with the Guest At Your Table Lesson


Spirit Play for preK, with the Guest At Your Table Lesson

Labyrinth Learning for 1st-5th grade, doing Service Sunday

No youth group meetings, holiday weekend

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