Tim McGraw

By: Alexis Bothwell

How did Tim become famous?

Tim is famous because his father had one of his demos and someone that is in contact with Curb Records, was riding in the car with Tug (Tim's father.) one day and heard the demo. He gave the demo to the man he is in contact with and got Tim an interview to sing for the man at Curb records.
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Quote: "She said I bet you don't remember me And I said only other memory"

What are some of Tim's early life Origins?

Tim was born May 1,1967 in Delhi Louisiana. When he was 18 he met his father Tug McGraw, he was a famous baseball player. When Tim was 22 and in college he dropped out to pursue his music career after his "Hero" Keith Whitley died in 1989. When Tim was on tour in Montana he asked Faith Hill to marry him when they were on his tour bus right before a big concert, of course she said yes.
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Music Accomplishments

Now in 2015, 10 of Tim's 13 albums have reached number 1 on the T.C.A. charts. Tim became one of the most popular country singers in America. Tim has had dozens of concerts and tours. He wishes to continue but he feel that he needs to rest a while and be more committing in his daughters life's.
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Later Life Origins

Tim is now an Actor,Singer,and Song writer. He has now released 13 studio albums. Tim has 3 daughters and a wife that he loves very very much.

What is Tim McGraw doing now?

Tim and Faith live in Tennessee alone in their very stunning house. Tim is still writing music but isn't publishing his music, because like I said he want to be a committing father and be more apart of his daughters life's.