Tuesday Tech Tools

Volume 3 Issue 1

Videos and Presentations Come Together

Movenote is a wonderful tool where students can record themselves as they present their work. They can also sign up for an account with their RRISD Google Apps for Education Accounts and save it directly to their drive!

  1. Open Drive
  2. Click New
  3. Click More
  4. Click Connect More Apps
  5. Search for Movenote and add the app

When you are ready to create a new Movenote presentation, click new and more and find Movenote.

How To Use

  • Allow Movenote access to your webcam and microphone
  • upload your presentation
  • Click record and narrate as you move through your presentation
  • Save and Preview
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Easily Make an Avatar

Androidify allows users to create an android mascot. There are many choices for hair, color and accessories. Teachers have used Androidify to create avatars that describe characters in history or describe a particular culture.

Androidify is easy to use.

  1. Click the create and share button

  2. Name your Android

  3. Choose your android type and dress and accessorize it.

  4. Copy your Android into Presentations, Google Draw, Google Docs and let the android tell your story.

Androidify was used in a Social Studies class with Google Draw to describe Socialism.

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Create Amazing Presentations

eMaze is like Prezi, but with a lot more form and functionality. All you need to do is pick a template, and insert your presentation into that template.
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Use the text and image layout provided, or simply add your own with the easy to follow menu at the top

Saving and Sharing Your eMaze

When you are finished, simply press play to make sure your presentation is like you want it, and then save. You will be prompted to give your presentation a name
To share, click the three bars to the left of the pencil icon and click share. You will be given a sharable link and embed code.