Come to Kepler 22b

aka: Namek

Intro to Kepler 22b

This Earth like planet a large chance of being habitable. It is recognized as a rocky planet with mostly water, with a nice average temperature of 72 degrees. However, the travel would take many lifetimes.
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The Pros of Kepler 22b (and interesting facts)

  • It is one of the best canidates for an Earth 2.0.
  • It is slightly closer to its Sun then we are, which means warmer temperatures.
  • Due to a striking resemblance to "Namek" a planet from Dragon Ball Z, fans of the show have created a petititon to officially change the name of Kepler 22b to Namek.
  • The planet has no moons or rings.
  • The length of one year is 289 days.
  • The diameter is 19,000 miles.
  • It's 79 million miles from it Sun, which is only 13 million miles different from our planet.

Cons of Kepler 22b

  • The distance from Earth is 214.4448 TRILLION MILES!
  • It's 620 light years away.
  • Traveling at the speed of light, it would take 620 years to get there.
  • Traveling realistically? Try 23 million years.
  • The gravity could potentially be 2.4 times stronger than Earth.
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