Overcoming Obstacles: Ben Franklin

by Bryce Schwenk

A Quick Summary of Who Ben Franklin Was.

Ben Franklin was many things such as an inventor, witty writer, and a scientist. He was also the ambassador to France, Philadelphia's governor, and one of the people who signed the Deceleration of Independence and the Constitution.

Ben Franklin's Childhood

Ben was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in January 17th, 1706. When he was only ten and two years of schooling, he was forced to leave school to help his father by making candles for him. He taught himself for further education. When Ben was twelve he was then apprenticed to his older brother, James at his print shop. James was cruel and would beat Ben when he was displeased. When James started a newspaper he wouldn’t let Ben publish anything. Ben then decided to come up with the name Mrs. Silence Dogood and published 14 papers that the readers enjoyed. When his brother found out, Ben was punished severely. This caused Ben to run away, which was illegal.

Ben Franklin's Accomplishments

Some of Ben's Accomplishments are:

  • Nation's first free library
  • Philadelphia's first fire-fighting company
  • A fire insurance company
  • The founding of Pennsylvania Hospital and the University of Pennsylvania
  • Invented the lighting rod

Ben Franklin's Memorable Quotes

Some of his quotes are:

  • “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” was Franklin’s fire prevention advice.
  • “Aversion to arbitrary Power.” Was a quote of his that came from his abusive childhood.


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