Endangered Species- Sara Jenkins

Here to help understand what Endangered species are.

There are many animals out there that are slowly going extinct and these animals are known as endangered species.

Animals such as the Black-footed ferret, Bengal Tiger, spider monkey, and many more are slowly dying out due to other effects of the world such as deforestation, pollution, and overpopulation.


The ESA (Endangered Species Act) was created by the government in 1973 to help endangered and threatened species of plant and animal species in the world.

The cause for the ESA dates back to the early 1900's when the bison nearly went extinct and the passenger pigeon disappeared.

Many acts were passed before the ESA such as:

  • Lacey Act of 1900
  • Treaty of 1937
  • Migratory Bird Conservation Act of 1929
  • Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of 1940

The Lacey Act of 1900 was the first federal law that regulated commercial animal markets. This law prohibited interstate commerce of animals killed in violation to State Game Laws, and covered all fish and wildlife and their parts of products, as well as plants.

The Treaty of 1937 prohibited the hunting rights of gray whales.

The Migratory Bird Conservation Act of 1929 was created for areas of land which the birds migrate to and adds a cost to the land if being rented.

The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of 1940 was created due to the Choice of the Continental Congress of 1782 choosing the Bald Eagle as the US emblem. In creating this act it prohibits anyone from "taking" an eagle without a permit. "Taking" is described by parts, eggs, nests, molesting, or disturbing the birds. "The purpose of the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection act is to not agitate the Bald and Golden Eagle to the extent of not 1.) Abusing an eagle, 2.) Interfering with its substantial lifestyle, including shelter, breeding, feeding, or 3.) Nest abandonment.[3] The Eagle feathers have been collected and incorporated into clothing, art, jewelry, etc. In addition, having the possession, exchange, or sale of Bald Eagle feathers violates the act if no permit is obtained. The basic structure of the act resembles the Migratory Bird Treaty Act."

The Statistics

In the U.S there are 735 types of plants and 496 types of animals that are listed as threatened or endangered. There are more than 1,000 animals endangered worldwide and they are dying out fast.

How does a species get listed?

The species is observed of being threatened and is close to extinction. It is estimated that 27,000 species become extinct each year, about 3 an hour. Since 1996, scientists calculated that 124 types of amphibians, 1,108 types of birds, 734 types of fish, 1,096 types of mammals, and 253 types of reptiles became endangered. This statistics also apply to plants.

There are many reasons why animals go extinct or become endangered.

  • humans becoming overpopulated
  • deforestation
  • pollution
  • destruction of habitats
  • poaching (when enlisted as endangered)
  • harmful chemicals being released

and theres so much more. Acts of the human race are causing our animals to die out or become endangered of dying out.

Humans rely on plants and animals for food. If they die out we die out unless we can find a way to create food without natural sources.



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