800m Dash

An Exercise to Competition

Some people run as a hobby or for exercise, but fewer are fast enough to make it into the Olympics. This sport has people racing to be the very best. Even if you make it into the Olympics you'll have to train to be faster than everyone on else to get gold.

Men Vs. Women

The reason for this article is to test whether men or women are becoming superior in this sport and to see when they will be equally matched.

The Goal of The Experiment

In this experiment I am calculating when men and women will be equally matched.

Scatter Plot

In this experiment the blue squares represent the men and the magenta X's represent the women.

Linear Regression

This data shows the trend of men and women gold medalist times. Magenta is women and blue men.

At A Match

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X coordinate

The X coordinate represents the year.

Y coordinate

The Y coordinate represents the time of gold medalist