Interview with Hannah Baker

By: Giselle Shaw-Torres

Some people would say your "reasons" are very petty, what do you have to say about that?

Hannah says that some people just don't know what "it's like". When asked what she meant by this, she replied that she felt like "ending it all", and that her life was just too difficult.

When would you say everything started going down hill?

Hannah told me that it all started at the end of freshman year, with Justin Foley. Hannah proceeded to say that after he broke up with her, without a word, he started to spread rumors. Then I asked if there was any other reasons for her hatred towards Justin Foley, and she said yes. When I asked for the other reasons, she told me there was an incident at a party two years later.She told me that there was a rape that Justin allowed. I asked her to be more specific, as she continued, she then told me that Justin allowed Bryce Walker to have sex with Jessica Davis while she was unconscious. Hannah says that she blames Justin and herself for not stopping it, when they both could and, they both should have.

Why did you tell Clay how you felt the way that you did?

Hannah said that she had learned from Justin, and her "mistakes" that she could not be in another relationship. She felt like she could not trust another person, let alone, another guy. "I really didn't think that he would feel the same way," she said, "I really thought that what had happened at the party, he would have told everyone differently."