Weekly Update

Mrs. Inch's Imagineers


Hello parents,

Spring is upon us as well as spring break! I hope everyone is doing something fun or relaxing over the break. We will be headed out of the country on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean for 7 nights (plus two nights in FL)! I hope you take lots of pictures and post them to our class Shutterfly page.

Here is what we have going on next week:


  • Please sign your child's agenda nightly. Friday is Crazy Hair Day. Students who wish to participate will donate $1 and it is going to Race for the Cure.
  • Report cards will go home on Wednesday. Please sign the envelope and have your child return it to school.

Upcoming Dates:

  • EOG practice days are next Monday (Reading) and Tuesday (Math). Science practice EOG will be after Spring Break.
  • March 24 (midpoint of 5th grading period)
  • April 8- Field Day (sunscreen and a change of clothes are recommended)

Social Studies/Writing: Students will begin writing a persuasive/argumentative essay on whether they should go with their family or stay in the original colonies. Students will use the information they gathered on their cyber/web quests last week to decide which direction they will go in. A rubric and directions have been given to all students to use as a guide. I will be walking them through the essay step-by-step. I hope to have them completed by next Thursday (3/24/16).

Science: Students are working in cooperative groups to study/research types of severe weather. They have finished their research and will be presenting their information to the class. Students will be required to take notes on all the presentations for Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Lightening Storms, and Thunderstorms. Guided notes will be provided. Finally, students will become meteorologists as they predict the weather by looking at various types of weather maps and applying the knowledge about fronts and systems to the map they are assigned. The unit test on Weather is 3/24/16. A study guide will also be provided.

Reading: We will continue reading Savvy by Ingrid Law for the fantasy unit. Students will recognize figurative language and interpret what the meaning is and understand the elements that make a story a fantasy. Students will analyze the character conflicts and think of events metaphorically. Students will also be relating events in the story to life lessons. They should be applying all the skills to their independent reading. Students should be reading 45 minutes a night and logging their reading in their reading logs.

Math: The "unit test" for fractions has been postponed as it will be used as a county benchmark test. This week, students are reviewing place value with decimals and will begin adding and subtracting decimals using models such as Base 10 and the number line. Please remember, quizzes can be announced or unannounced. There is no formal workshop this week, as we are introducing the concepts. Students will have daily classwork to complete and turn in.

Math homework is 15 minutes of i-Ready 3 times a week and occasional supportive homework to reinforce strategies taught. I have opened Ten Marks back up so students can review previously taught concepts. This is not required, but is another tool that is aligned to our standards that students can use. Their passwords and usernames are located in their agendas.

I look forward to the warming temperatures and another great week!

Mrs. Inch