Tuesday Times

Havelock North Primary School - 16th November 2021

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Kia ora koutou,

A big HNP welcome to new student Susannah Betty who started with us this week. What a great start you have made to school Susannah!

We had a great day at the Mitre 10 Sports Park on Friday for our Year 3-6 athletics. A big thank you to our parent volunteers, teachers, support staff and students for supporting each other through what was a great day out. A special thank you to Mrs Cooper for her planning and organisation. Please see our school Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HavelockNorthPrimary/ to check out some of the action.

Student Placement Considerations for 2022

While we do not encourage parent requests, if there is something specific that we may not already know about your child that could impact our class placement decision making, please contact principal@hnps.school.nz by Tuesday 23rd November. A list of teacher placements for 2022 can be found below.

Our teachers spend a lot of time and consideration in placing students and they are the ones who know the students the best in the classroom setting. Sometimes teachers see a need to break up combinations of students. It must be remembered that it is good for children to learn to make new friends and broaden their horizons. It is in fact an important social skill.

Parents also need to remember that all classes need an equal number of boys and girls where possible and an equal number of learning and behavioural needs too. It is quite a complex process. We would never leave your child in a class for an extended period of time where they were unhappy. Sometimes we just need to give things a go. In making our decisions we must also respect the 95% of silent parent voices who leave teachers to make these decisions.

Thank you for your understanding.

Our local schools have been working together to ensure the vaccination mandate is clear for parents. We have been slowly getting advice and guidance from the MOE and MOH. Below are some clearly explained messages to help you as a parent. These messages are accurate at this point in time. As they are part of a directive by the government, they may change over time as Covid-19 outbreaks increase or our immediate community is under pressure from the virus. If this happens we will update you with the changes.

Parents coming to school in their role as a parent for pick up/drop off's, parent interviews, etc, do not need to be vaccinated or disclose their vaccination status.

You can rest assured any adult/staff member onsite as of today, November 16th is vaccinated and following the Public Health Vaccination Mandate. This includes RTLB, Special Needs staff, Police, contractors, etc. We are required to maintain a confidential vaccination register for adults on staff or working in a supervisory role.

Parents who support the school in a supervision or support role will need to be vaccinated and prove their vaccination status. This includes coaching, managing a sports team (regardless of whether onsite or not), school trips/camps, parent help in the classroom. If you are currently a coach or manager of a school sports team, please email a screenshot of your Vaccination Card to pjackson@hnps.school.nz or come in to see Kerin or Paula in the office and they can record the details. We must sight the card, not just rely on your word. It has been made very clear that if unvaccinated staff or volunteers are in a teaching or supervisory role from today, then we are breaking the law.

The requirement for mask wearing always applies. Unless you have an exemption you MUST wear a mask when coming onto school premises, whether you are vaccinated or not. This applies to all parents and volunteers. This does not apply to staff at this stage. If you have an exemption please let us know by sending in your exemption to pjackson@hnps.school.nz We can assume then all parents who do not wear a mask have an exemption. I do not expect our staff to have to police this and ask that you respect this request for the safety of our students.

Many regular events will look different and as I mentioned last week, we will update you with information about each event prior to it taking place. This week we have the Year 4-6 Triathlon at the Village Green. As with the athletics, the only parents we can have on site will be the vaccinated parent volunteers. Thank you for your understanding at this challenging time.

Have a fantastic week everyone.

Ngā mihi

Nick Reed


Uniform Shop

The last day for the year is Thursday 2nd December. Online orders included.

A big thank you to the team; Suz Stuttle, Pippa Layton, Jess Brillard, Jessica Ebrey, Becs Simpson and Georgie Walker for their awesome work this year. Thank you also to any others who have assisted us this year.

Grace Feltham

The APEC world leaders conference is wrapping up right now. HNP Year 6 student Grace Feltham successfully auditioned for the role of welcoming all the world leaders to NZ and presenting to them about how bright the future is for NZ children and going green. How amazing that all the leaders of the world got to listen to Grace from Havelock North. We are very proud of you Grace!

Classroom Teacher Placements

Please note the teacher placements could be subject to change depending on confirmed numbers of students for 2022.

Māhuri Team
Rhys Harman Year 6 Room 24

Tara Wilkins Year 5 Room 25

Toni Te Whaiti Year 6 Room 26

*Jenny Cameron (Co-Team Leader) & Lisa Robson Year 6 Room 27

Fiona McNeill (Co-Team Leader) Year 5 Room 1

Nick Stygall Year 5 Room 2

Emily Cooper Year 5 Room 13

* Both Jenny and Rebecca are Kahui Ako Across School leaders so will only work Monday -Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will see them advising teachers from our local schools.

Te Rito Team

Rose Gill Year 4 Room 3

Mari Lamborn Year 3 Room 4

Sarah Allen Year 3 Room 5

* Rebecca Northe (Co-Team Leader) & Sue Dunn Year 4 Room 11

Karen Duligall (Co-Team Leader) Year 4 Room 12

Shelley Washington Year 3 Room 6

Sue Jarvis Year 3 Room 7

Pakiaka Team

Amanda Allen (Team Leader)Year 2 Room 8

Ellen Denny Year 2 Room 9

Julie Strand Year 2 Room 10

Te Kākano Team

Annie Boyd (Team Leader)Year 1 Room 14

New Appointment (TBC) Year 1 Room 15

Helen King Year 1 Room 16

Kathy Watson & Leigh Whitfield Year 1 Room 17

HNP Enviro Corner

Lottie’s birthday took them to HNPS for a play in the weekend. They were so upset by the litter dropped by the public in the grounds that they decided to collect it and put it in the bin.

Thank you for being "upstanders" and making such a positive difference to our school environment.

Manakitanga is a guiding principle of Enviroschools.

Manakitanga means to extend aroha (love and compassion) to others. It is found in acts such as helping a loved one, encouraging one another or even supporting a complete stranger. Manaakitanga is one of the most important concepts as it secures the strength of our whānau and communities.

Mrs Te Whaiti and her Year 6 class are leading by example. They are supporting One Voice Community Services by collecting Christmas presents for children in need.

Could you please help them by donating some gifts? Presents can be wrapped or unwrapped. If wrapped please add a gender and age category.

Thank you for your support. The last day for collecting is 14th Dec.

Digi Award Winners

The Digi Awards enable primary and intermediate students from the Hastings area to design, develop and showcase their digital outcomes and talents.

By participating in the Digi Awards, schools can help realise the New Zealand Curriculum vision of our young people being confident, creative, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

Well done to Anna Northe-Koorey, Max Davies, Amber Gregory, Amelia Knofflock, James Jennings and Emerson Buckley.

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Bizzy Bodz After School Care Programme at HNPS

Calendar Art

Remember to get your calendar art orders in by tomorrow.

Each child who completed calendar art last term will have received an order form. The form is unique to your child, with an individual code to enter at www.kidsartworks.com to order their artwork (similar to the school photo orders). This year we again have Smencils (smelly pencils/colouring pens) available to add to your order.

Orders are now open and must be received by 7:00 pm Wednesday, 17 November.

You can also upload other children's artwork in the family or a family photo to make Christmas cards, calendars, greeting cards, diaries, mousepads and sketch pads. These make great Christmas presents for yourself, grandparents or anyone else who would appreciate a personal gift.

Be creative! Great if you can support this fundraiser since we have had to cancel Blast in the Park.

They will be sent to school before the end of the school year.

If you/your child has lost their code please email homeandschool@hnps.school.nz with your child's name and room number.

Sports at Havelock North Primary School

If you have any sports news or photos please email Erica Cranswick on sport@hnps.school.nz

S - Sportsmanship T - Teamwork A - Attitude C - Coachability

There will be a bunch of STAC awards in each Sports Teams gear bag. The coach and/or manager gets to choose one or two awardees for each game. They then email the players names to me and their names are published in the Tuesday Times, AND they go into the draw to win a Kmart voucher at the end of the term! Last weeks STAC award winners were ...


Knox Allen, Ruby Jarvis, Mia Stallard, Mia Reid, Tilly Ryan, Willa Hammond


Maddie Bourne, Tom Steiner, Dom Nilsson, Jacob Majors, Louie Moffit, Benji Lamborn


Allegra McGowan, Sophie Horn, Micah Robinson, Lote Shanley, Andreas Janse Van Renburg


Arlo Bartlett, Angus Godsiff, Beau Wharewaka, Jamie Olivier, Scarlett Creswell, Oliver Whitewood, Charlotte Crowther


Greer Parker, Saskia Lamborn, Tessa O'Sullivan, Tom Steiner, Brooklyn Borrie, Stella Bourke


Henry Cranswick, Cam Wagstaff, Ben Hunt, Cameron Kruger, Guy Sowman, Max Kupa, Korban Kupa


Pippa Winchester, Dario Rotondo

HNPS Sports in Action!

Year 0-2 Cricket Skills

Haveock North Tennis Club

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Room 26 Student Volunteer Army

Hi Parents and Caregivers
We’re the Room 26 Student Volunteer Army.

One Voice Community Services Trust is organising a Christmas event at Te Aranga Marae. It will feed lots of families. Our mission is to provide Christmas presents to those who attend the event. Our focus this year is for the children, to make their Christmas just a little bit more special.

We need your help!

You could help us by donating Christmas presents.
We will start to collect Christmas presents until 14th December

Our friendly collectors will come around classes every morning to collect donations from your children, or they can deliver them to Rm 26.
We can wrap the presents for you, however, If you do wrap the presents we would appreciate that you would include an age category and gender.

Thank you!

If you have any questions please contact

Dario Rotondo Room 26 SVA representative

Out and About

Term Dates 2021/2022

Term 4 2021

18 October – 16 December (1:00pm finish)

2022 Term Dates

Term 1 2nd February - 14 April

Term 2 2 May - Friday 8 July

Term 3 25th July - 30th September

Term 4 17th October - 14th December

Up Coming Events

  • HNPS Triathlon Year 4-6 - Friday 19th November
  • Senior Cultural Show Arts Performance @ Peak Vision Church - Wednesday 24th November
  • Year 6 Leavers' Prizegiving - Thursday 9th December
  • Year 1 & 2 & Year 3-5 Prizegiving - Monday 13th December
  • School Year finishes - Thursday 16th December
  • Term 1 begins 2022 -2nd February