New product: Dr.Mix

Keera, Coleten, Kamryn, Connor

Drink the best soda in the world

Instead of having one soda you can have all sodas in one!

We guarantee you it will taste good

A mixer of great sodas

Special features

Like a regular soda can, Brown, Blue, Red and pink

Who's buying it

13-17 because that's when most people drink a lot of soda and then they will buy it.
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Compare price

Gatorade $31.49-24pack

Mott's Apple Juice $26.00-24pack

Sams Cola $4.98


Who can dance .......

A soda bottle

Celebrity Endorsement

Michael Phelps drinks this before every meet.

Sensory Appeal

It will make your taste buds sizzle

Transfer / fanstay

Savings Appeal

If you order now you'll get two 24packs for half the price.
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Google Images,, the flavor's that we are mixing are Dr. Pepper, Coke, Sprite , RC, Root beer, Pepsi