JAR elementary

By: Audra, Jared, Rosie

Are school JAR school is coming to be the best school in the world!

Come done to JAR elementary your kids are will regret not coming the have the time of there lives we have variety of all types of foods from all around the world and the newest high tech out there!

JAR elementary

Monday, Aug. 11th, 8am


A mile away from the Eiffel Tower that gives your kid a outstanding view


8:15-8:25 announcements

8:25-8:50 library

8:50-9:15 gym

9:15-9:25 bathroom break

9:25-12:00 all subjects

12:00-12:30 lunch

12:30-1:30 JAR time

1:30-2:45 recess

2:45-3:55 pack up, stack up, clean up

What does JAR stand for?

We all are total opposites and we are awesome people!

We are JAR elementary!

We treat you like we family and we take care of each other!