LACUE Recap 2015

QR Codes

Use QR Codes to cut down on wasted time... kiddos cannot type in URL's to save their lives.

Save codes to your computer and insert them as images into a Word Document, Email, Project onto the board etc...

Sign Up and start creating codes.

Padlet - FREE App or Website

Modern day sticky notes without the mess!

A great way for your students to post questions before class, during class, or after class.

Allow easy access to your padlet through a QR code - students can keep the code in their binder and scan with any device.

Try it out!

EdPuzzle - FREE website

To get started create a teacher account and input your classes.

  1. select a video or record your own
  2. use the entire video or crop parts out
  3. add voice recordings or quiz questions
  4. finish and save
  5. share with your class
  6. analyze their responses, watch times, etc...

Animal Habitat Example

Got the Wiggles??? Indoor Recess??? Never Fear!

Go Noodle Website -

FREE - Set up your teacher account and get moving. Display on your whiteboard whenever your students need to get up and move.

Websites (All Free)

CNN Student News -

ALWAYS Preview. The newscast is posted the night before. The content is not always appropriate for your students.

Curious Crew -

Equivalent to LPB. Lots of great science videos - good way to introduce a new topic.

Mrs. Leah Tag -

J2 Training -

Wolfram Alfa -

Formative Assessment using Technology (All Free)

Go Formative -

  • create an assessment and SAVE for future use
  • drawing feature
  • roster method or quick code

Kahoot -

  • Question/Answer
  • Students join sessions with a code on their device

Nearpod -

  • similar to Powerpoint, but with perks
  • students join with a code
  • you control what slide they are on
  • embed quizzes, field trips, videos, etc...
  • assign as homework!

That Quiz -

  • set up a free teacher account
  • create classes
  • assign tests
  • students access quiz/test with the test code
  • differentiate with various levels and time limits

Plickers -

  • go to the website a print a set of cards
  • assign a card to a student, keep a record of this
  • add colored dots for younger students
  • ask questions - kids hold up card - you scan the room using the Plickers App on your iPad

(When searching the app store for the Plickers app you have to select iPhone only)

Flippity -

  • make online flashcards, quizzes, jeopardy games
  • share and they can access at home too

App Smashing

Word Clouds, Doodle Buddy, Pic Collage (All Free)

Word Clouds
  • enter brainstorming words, the app will create a graphic based on the words you input
  • change the layout, colors, etc...
  • SAVE to the camera roll

Doodle Buddy

  • draw an image to go along with their word cloud
  • SAVE to the camera roll

Pic Collage

  • select a layout for 3 images
  • add 2 pics from the camera roll
  • 3rd block - write a sentence or paragraph

Tellagami and Greenscreen

TG Free is lacking in a lot of areas. TG EDU is worth the $4.99

GS is $2.99


  • students create a "gami" that represents themselves
  • choose a bright green background for the gami
  • Students record their own voice and the gami will come to life. SAVE to the camera roll.


  • Layer 1 - upload an image: what your gami will be shown in front of
  • Layer 2 - upload your Tellagami video from the Camera Roll
  • Layer 3 - add animation if you want to
  • SAVE and SHARE

State Reports, stand in front of a map of the state

Constitution, stand in front of Constitution Hall


Famous People

You can use the actual student in Green Screen instead of the gami. You will just record them standing in front of a real green screen (tablecloth), save it and continue with the process.

Camera Roll, Shadow Puppet EDU

  • Each of the students illustrate a picture on real paper.
  • The teacher takes a picture of each individual picture and saves to the Camera Roll.
  • You record each student saying A is for __________, B is for ____________, etc... One at a time.
  • Open Shadow Puppet EDU and upload the images and recordings to get a video.
  • EMAIL to parents/grandparents.

Project Idea:

ABC Book, Grandparents Day, Mother's Day, etc..

Chatterpix, Thinglink, Tellagami

  • create a gami in Tellagami about your topic - save to Camera Roll
  • create a Chatterpix about your topic - save to Camera Roll
  • Thinglink: find an image associated with your topic and add touchpoints to the image, 2 of the touchpoints should be the gami video and the chatterpix video