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SEOgame offers Performance Based SEO (… Pay for performance means, No contracts, No rank-No pay, No setups: Get started TODAY on 21-keywords and then in 21-days pay only when satisfied your rankings are on the top.

SEOgame offers SEO keyword research and website analysis reports at no cost. Since 1996, they have offered free analysis reports and search engine optimized keyword research reports which has helped hundreds discover lucrative terms within their niche that can help increase site traffic, impressions and most importantly profit and ROI.

In 21-days YOU decide if making a payment of just $200-$500 is justified and YOU are satisfied with our work on 21-keywords. Once you are satisfied with the work during the first stage, then we can pivot on 21-more-keywords and stay at $200-$500/monthly budget. In 6 months we could be working on 50 to 100-keywords monthly plan.

SEOgame Performance Based SEO
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SEO for Catering Jacksonville Fl: Surprising enough, a customer that is looking for a catering company for their wedding gets confused if they land on a site that is focused on corporate catering and event planning. I’ve learned a lot about these keywords in the last few days. Exciting to start working on this site beginning the new year 2014.

SEOgame generally puts in over 30-hours of work to start their keyword phrase optimization service w/o a setup fee similar to the model a real estate agent who works for you to sell your house. You pay only when satisfied w/ the results otherwise you can opt-out. Once results come, generally within the first 30-days, you can begin working with them on a contractual basis with no contracts. (5-keyword plans begin at $200 and 30-keyword plans begin at $500)
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