Conservation Vs Preservation

The Red Fox

Conservation vs Preservation

Conservation is the act of conserving something in particular because its running out. The conservation of hunting and the conservation of natural resources is examples of things are conserved. Preservation is the act of persevering something. Some thing are preserved because of limited amount and because of over use. Endangered animals are preserved to keep the species to not go extinct. the difference between the two are that conservation protects it but is still being used , while preservation protects it entirely and its not being used

Preservation of the Red Fox


Hunters have been restricted to not trap the red fox and to no but out rodent poison because the red fox's main food source. If the Red Fox eats a poisoned rodent they get poisoned to. The Red Fox has been but on the Endangered Species List because of its hunting for game. If the Red Fox went extincted there would be more of its prey. For example the rodent population would increase tremendously. The extinction of the Red Fox would effect the population of rodents, birds, and wolfs.
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