SSR Project #1

By, Cat Gomes

Half Bad

By, Sally Green

Basic Information:

- Page Count: 417 pages

- Three things I loved:

1) This book is very fast moving. You're never bored, even when the main character is just sitting doing nothing, it's somehow intense, and that was something I enjoyed.

2) There is not to much relationship parts in this book. There is some, but when he is thinking about the girl he likes, there is always something that interrupts, and I like how the author skimmed over these parts.

3) There is a lot of action, and twists and turns in this book, and also the villains win sometimes.

- Two things I did not like about the book:

1) I didn't like the beginning of the book because it was based in the future, and I was sort of confused, but throughout the book the author explains what happens which makes up for it

2) I also didn't like some of the characters, they just seemed sort of out of place with the story line.

- One connection I made with the text: The book's setting is in modern times Scotland and Wales. I am Scottish, and used to live there, so I am familiar to the references in the book, and the language, the Scottish quotes I recognize.

Trailer for Half Bad by Sally Green

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favourite quote from the book?

My favourite quote is, "Not minding is the trick. The only trick." Pg. 7

In a life of death situation, would it be a good last read?

Absolutely not, it is a really good book, but if you can only read one last book, this is not the one. Only because it ends with a huge cliffhanger and the next book doesn't come out until December 2015...

Would you recommend it? Why? Who would you recommend it to?

I would definitely recommend it, because it is a very gripping book, and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book, especially at the end. I would recommend it to anyone would likes action, and people who can handle blood and gore because there is quite a bit in it.