Credit Restoration on Another Level

Lara Harrison & Ben Sweet with WJ&A

Lara Harrison Director of Business Marketing & Sr. Consumer Credit Analyst

With over 15 years of experience in Consumer Services, Credit Education, Credit Restoration & Real Estate, I have developed a unique skill set in reviewing credit reports for potential clients, or potential borrowers, in order to determine the best plan of action to obtain a qualifying credit score or exceed the minimum requirements. Combining my experience, with that of "The Credit Authority®" will allow our Clients to have the peace of mind in knowing that they will be receiving the knowledge and skill-sets built into our professional services. Services at WJ&A include removing inaccurate items from credit reports, consumer services, and when necessary, assisting with establishing new lines of credit.

WJA may be able to provide the following services to our Clients

Placing Non-Qualified Buyers in position to purchase New Homes

Locating Loan Officers for Clients

Locating Realtors for Clients

Mortgage/Consumer Credit Report Evaluations

Establishing Lines of Credit for Clients

Auditing Original Creditors

Auditing Collection Companies

Submitting Investigations to Reporting Agencies

Submitting Investigations to accounts in Public Records

Removing Dispute Code verbiage on Credit Reports

***Results vary depending on each Client's credit situation

Ben Sweet - Professional Consumer Credit Analyst & Client Services

With my 10 plus years experience, in Client Services, Credit Restoration, and Customer Retention Services, I know I will be able to assist you in improving your credit rating by providing solutions. Combining my experience with the empowerment of being backed by The CreditAuthority®, will allow my clients to have a successful and positive experience. We are results driven and I strive to achieve my Client's credit goals and putting families in New Homes.