Making a Fire

how to start a fire on a deserted island

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Step 1

gather several pieces of small sticks and lay them on dry ground

Step 2

get something that will catch a spark ex (wire, bark, lint, dried mosses)

Step 3

make a bow(slightly bendable wood) and tie a shoestring, or piece of rope, and tie it to both ends of the wood, leaving some slack.

Step 4

get a flat piece of wood that is 2-3 in. wide and about a foot long.

Step 5

Make a drill with another piece of straight wood, making the top sharper. This should be about 8 inches long, and about 1 in. thick, and it should be circular, and pointy at the top

Step 6

Look for a rock about the size of your hand, with a smooth dimple in it and

find a dry leaf or a piece of paper to catch coal that is created.

Step 7

Get the piece of wood that is about a foot long and determine how big the drill is, and make a hole in the wood that is about an inch deep, and the same diameter as the drill

Step 8

Put the wood on the ground and kneel down, with the bow in your right hand and the drill in your left.put your right foot on the wood. Put the drill on top of the string with the sharp end pointing right, and twist it into the bow. You can loosen the string a bit if it's too hard to do, but the string must not slip once wrapped around the drill.Grab as close to the end of the bow as you can. Put downward pressure on the socket and start to pull back and forth on the bow.

Step 9

Keep doing this to create friction, which gives you heat. You will want to put a lot of pressure on the bow.

Step 10

Once you catch a flame, keep adding sticks to the pile of leaves or grass to make the fire bigger.