Madden 16 is better than Madden 15

By: Tayler Woods

I am at the loading screen when you first start the game. The loading time was very fast. It looks very nice.
Now the main menu has loaded. The menu is very clear and easy to understand.
This picture is blurry, but the menu is very easy to understand. This is the connected franchise menu.
This is some connected Franchise mode as Teddy Bridgewater. The thing about playing as one person is that you control that person and that's it. The graphics are very good.
This is the pause menu when your playing any game mode. It's very simple. It's right to the point.
This is me playing as the colts against the packers in the super bowl on play now mode. Play now is exactly what it says, You pick teams and you play right away.
This is the owner mode menu. It's very similar to connected franchise but instead of a coach or a player, you're the owner. You do stuff with managing the team.
This is the thing that's fairly new to Madden. It's called skills trainer. This is the menu screen. It's basically a tool to learn how to play. You just pick your team. and the team you want to train against.
This is me Playing the skills trainer. Its not a game really. It's more of a way to learn how the game works
That is why Madden 16 is the better madden. This is the case of the game. The case even looks better.