MMS Friday Flier

“Enter to Learn, Strive to Achieve!”

The MISSION of Middletown Middle School is to engage students as 21st century learners who strive to achieve their goals. We support students through rigor and active participation within a culture of cooperation, organization, determination and excellence to prepare our students for college and careers.

“The Vision of Middletown Middle School is to challenge students of all abilities to achieve excellence in a wide range of academic and cultural pursuits. Students are equipped to meet the demands and opportunities of the 21st century by receiving a differentiated, effective, and rigorous curriculum. Staff believe and demonstrate that all students can master the essential 21st century skills. The culture of Middletown Middle will include high expectations for all, frequent monitoring of student progress, multiple opportunities for student learning, high levels of engagement, exceptional communication, and daily purposeful integration of technology. We will make it a priority to recognize the academic and extracurricular achievements of our school community. Middletown Middle School will have highly-motivated professional staff and authentic partnerships between the school and home.”

Value Statements

  • Teachers actively engage students by interacting, moving around the classroom, and allowing them to own their learning.

  • Staff will have knowledge of the whole student so that lessons provide challenge and rigor for all abilities.

  • Teachers facilitate lessons where students are engaged, not merely compliant.

  • Teachers facilitate lessons that allow for students to lead and take risks.

  • Staff will make authentic learning opportunities a priority in the classroom.

  • Staff collaborates to promote 21st century student learning

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Morning and Afternoon Duty

Please do not forget that if you are going to be out and have a sub, that your duty is covered by another staff member.

Student Town Halls

Throughout the school year, administration will be having quarterly meetings with each individual grade level. Our 1st round of meetings will take place during the week of October 24th during ELT.

Each grade level will be divided into three groups and will report to the media center, cafeteria or gym. Look for more information soon!

  • Tuesday 10/25- 6th GRADE (ELT 7)

  • Wednesday 10/26- 8th GRADE ( ELT 2)

  • Thursday 10/27- 7th GRADE ( ELT 4 )


Is you badge faded, cracked or lost? Turn in your old badge to Josh by the close of business on Monday 10/17. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost badges.

Continuous School Improvement Team (CSI)

At this past week’s CSI meeting, the team worked with the last CSI goal of writing and how can that goal be broken down to fit everyone’s content area. The team is also looking at finalizing the Values Statements by the October 24th meeting.

~Scott and Derek

Grant Opportunities

Please view the 2017-18 grant application information regarding the Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) Gifts for Education Fund or the Franklin and Bess Gladhill Fund for Agricultural Education. As outlined in the guidelines, this grant opportunity is to benefit FCPS schools. The application is also accessible at on the home page. APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, September 14, 2017 – 4:00 p.m.

Health Room

Please remember that when planning field trips, the health room needs to know in advance to have time to prepare field trips bags and train personnel. Things to remember:

· Please notify the health room staff of any field trip at least five (5) school days in advance and provide a list of students attending to ensure appropriate medical training and appropriate medications are available to students participating in the field trip. (FCPS Regulation 400-05).

· A field trip bag with a stock EAI (epinephrine auto injector) must go on all field trips so additional training is required.

· For field trips you will receive a field trip bag with prescribed medication and a separate field trip bag with stock epinephrine. Do not combine prescribed medication with stock EAI.