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Stopher Newsletter, August 27th

Message from our Interim Principal

Hello my friends!

If I had to be honest, I’m really feeling solemn today as I transition to other service in Louisville next week. I’m going to miss your kids!!! I so wish you got to experience the non-pandemic Scott Hooper! The precautions now have become somewhat a norm in our lives and that makes me sad. When we put this darn thing in our rearview mirror, I truly hope two words that disappear very quickly, not to return, are “social distancing”. Humans thrive in a social environment, kids need a hug from someone who truly cares for them and having to worry about your distance from another just needs to stop! I pray we can soon take the stress and worry related to COVID out of our thoughts and quickly find normalcy for our children.

One of the luxuries of becoming an old man is that I get to freely give “wise” advice to others any time I wish! Folks, I do not want to sound like a country song, but please remember from time to time to slow down and cherish your children, no matter their age at the time. As we were raising our boys, so many months seem like a whirlwind with job responsibilities, evening school events, basketball, football, baseball, band practice, band competitions, clubs, church activities, and the “next vacation”; just hoping things might settle down a bit. I remember we eagerly awaited putting away the diapers and gazillion jars of baby food, then we so missed the gaze of those beautiful eyes so completely dependent on us. Each new phase in the lives of our boys brought both happiness and regret that we did not slow down and cherish the moments. The activities do have their place and they do benefit our kiddos, let’s just work to slow down a bit when we can.

I grew up in poverty with my mom and sister. I always receive the stink-eye from someone when they ask my mother’s maiden name and I reply, “Hooper”. The image of my birth certificate with the word, “unknown” beside “Father’s Name” never leaves my memory. My paradigm of fatherhood came from men I watched at church, and I guess Mike Brady on TV. My mom was truly a survivor and very willing to cross ethical lines of conduct if needed to take care of her kids and make sure we had food. I was not able to have the experiences Stephanie and I gave our sons, but my most cherished memory from my mother did not cost a dime. She never, NEVER left my presence without saying, “I love you.” I so wish I could hear her say those words today, but her voice never leaves my brain. Now I said all that to say this – the experiences are great, but the attention is what they’ll remember.

Please know your kids have been a much greater blessing to me than I could ever be to them. I can’t wait to come back and see them! Parents, thank you for your incredible support and thank you for instilling wonderful values in your children. I’ll tell you a secret – this principal gig is really not so hard.

Sorry, one more country song - just be humble and kind!

Riding Buses with Friends .... Not Allowed this Year!

Students can NOT ride buses home with friends this year. No Exceptions! This rule will be lifted after the COVID pandemic has ended.

Open House Canceled

The Open House event that was scheduled for September 9th has been canceled.

PTA General Meeting Postponed

The PTA General Meeting that was scheduled for September 9th is being postponed. Future date to be announced.

How Can You Help Speed Up the Car Rider Line?

In order to keep the line moving quickly, please do the following:

  • Students should exit via the passenger side
  • Parents should not exit the vehicle
  • Students should have backpack and lunchbox in hand before the vehicle reaches the sidewalk.
  • Students should open their vehicle door and exit quickly. Please do not wait for a staff member to open the door for them.
  • Students can exit the vehicle anywhere along the sidewalk. Please do not wait until you get all the way to the door to let your child out.
  • Pull up as far as you are able to. If everyone does this, we can unload 8 cars at a time.
  • Students can put on their masks AFTER exiting the vehicle.
  • Exit the line as soon as it begins moving. Please do not stay to watch your child walk in.
  • Any notes/homework should be completed and signed prior to your vehicle arriving at the sidewalk.
  • If Ms. Teresa is dancing, just dance with her ... it keeps her happy!

Lunchroom Visits


The district has mandated that we not allow parents to eat lunch with students until further notice. This is because students have their masks down during lunch and they do not want to risk unnecessary additional exposure. We will update you once they lift this new policy. Thank you for your cooperation.

Stopher Spirit Wear ... Deadline to Order is August 28th.

Stopher Spirit Wear can now be purchased on-line. Orders must be placed by August 25th. Items will be sent home via student backpacks in early to mid September. Click below ....


COVID Quarantine Questions

For questions regarding quarantining due to COVID, please email Nurse Katie at

Bus Updates

Morning buses are now on a pretty set schedule so we have stopped do updates in the morning. Beginning Monday, we will only notify you if buses are running EXTREMELY late. Thank you for your patience during all of these notificaitons.

School Meals

Due to a shortage of workers, there is currently a nation wide shortage of food available from vendors used by all school districts. Below, you will find links for the breakfast and lunch menus. Please be aware that, because of the shortage, items listed on the menu may not be available at all times. When supplies are out, students will be offered something else. Every student will be able to have a meal.

Breakfast for August

Lunch for August


September 6, 2021 ... Labor Day

September 29, 30 & October 1, 2021 ... Fall Break

Volunteer Opportunities at Stopher

Stopher has always had fantastic volunteer support from our parents. Click below to find out how you can become involved!

Stopher PTA Membership Information

The PTA is a integral part of our school. See the attached form to find out how you can become involved!

2021-20222 Yearbook

Big picture

Parent/Guardian Participation in Adhoc Committees

We are asking your consideration for requesting participation in one of our four Ad Hoc Committees for the 2021-2022 school year. Our goal is that committees reflect the diversity within our school and maintains the same teacher-parent ratio present in our School Based Decision-Making Council (SBDM), therefore we perhaps will not be able to assign every parent interested in a committee (we will do our best!). Committee meetings occur from 4:05pm to 5:05 pm in the school library. Ad Hoc Committees will meet on these dates during the school year: September 14, October 12, November 9, December 14, January 11, February 8, March 8, April 19, May 10. Unfortunately, childcare is not available unless your child is a part of the CEP program.

Here are the four Ad Hoc Committees approved by our SBDM Council:

Racial Equity

The Racial Equity Committee reviews the practices and policies of Stopher Elementary through the lens of Racial Equity. This committee develops and monitors the implementation of our Racial Equity Plan, that is based on the JCPS Equity Monitoring Progress Tool (EMPT).


This committee addresses three issues on behalf of Stopher students:

  • Develop/monitor strategies to accelerate student learning based on learning loss due to COVID
  • Develop/monitor strategies for acceleration of students who are working above standard.
  • Ensure our school monitors and implements all areas of giftedness on behalf of students.


The charge of this committee is to evaluate and monitor the culture/climate of the school as it relates to students and staff members, as well as implement/monitor strategies to enhance the school culture.


The academic committee addresses curriculum and instruction. This year, the committee’s focus is related to researching and providing recommendations regarding the literacy program used at Stopher.

If you are interested in participating in a committee, we ask that you click on this link: Parent/Guardian Ad Hoc Committee Request

Thank so much!!!

Approved July 2021 SBDM Minutes

Stopher 1st and 2nd Grade Cross Country Team

Stopher Cross Country for 1st through 2nd grade students starts Wednesday, September 25th at 7:00. Practice will be on Mondays and Wednesdays each week with meets on Saturdays. The first meet is scheduled for September 4. The last meet is scheduled for October 16.

For our first practice this, we will meet by the covered pavilion to the right of the main entrance to Tom Sawyer Park. Experience is not required, but a completed KHSAA physical is. Please also bring plenty of water and a towel. If you have any questions, please email Beth Burbridge

After School Chess Club

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After School Drama by George

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Building Tours

Tours are now available for prospective parents who will be applying for 2022-2023 placement. If anyone you know is interested, please have them call the school to register for one of the available dates:

  • September 23 @ 9:30 a.m.
  • October 13 @ 9:30 a.m.
  • October 28 @ 9:30 a.m.
  • November 10 @ 9:30 a.m.
  • November 16 @ 9:30 a.m.
  • December 1 @ 9:30 a.m.

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