A Christmas Carol

By: Cleo Robbins

A Christmas Carol is a very life-changing story about a selfish man who becomes an amazing person. To start Scrooge is very selfish and only cares about his job and money. Scrooge hates Christmas and calls it "Humbug" which means nonsense. This book is one where I never wanted to set it down because the chapters always ended on a cliff hanger. After you read the book, I definitely recommend to go see the play. The play has has very skilled actors, and their costumes are really cool. Their sound in the theater is very loud and it makes you feel like you are involved with the play. Whenever a ghost would come out, the it would be a very creative idea. When the ghost of Christmas present came, he came on a zip line! Whether you read the book or see the play, I definitely recommend to read or watch it!

Scrooges and my sacrifices

Scrooge had to make lots of sacrifices. For example, he sacrificed his money to the people of the town because he wanted to die a happy man and not a selfish mean man. I have three younger siblings so I have to make lots of sacrifices. For example, I rarely get to choose where we go out to dinner or what movies we watch.