Long-Nosed Salafisher

By: Zane Brewster

Predators and Prey

The long-nosed salafisher is a predator to many animals and but also prey to very large animals and fish. The salafisher attacks prey then gulps the prey down with its huge catfish like mouth. When it is in water, swimming, it swims with its mouth open to catch any small prey to slow to swim away. The predators of the long-nosed salafisher are sharks and also large land mammals.

Protection and Movement

The long-nosed salafisher protects itself from large predators with its long nose and its ability to move from underwater to land with ease. It moves with its thick, 8, starfish like legs. Since its legs are thick and wide it allows it to swim.

Biome, Shelter, and Climate

The long-nosed salafisher usually live in tropical rainforest and the ocean near that certain rainforest . Its shelter is in trees or on tree branches or when underwater in deserted caves. The climate it usually lives in humid, sub-tropical areas.

Unique Behavior

The long-nosed salafisher has many unique behaviors it is able to walk on land with its legs but it also can swim since its legs are thick enough to keep the momentum. The long-nosed salafisher can also breath on land and in water that is how it is able to escape from predators so well. If it is being chased it can run as fast as it can then dive as low as it can in the ocean to escape. Or if it is being chased in the water it swims as fast as it can and jumps out of the water onto the land and hopefully the predator follows. The salafisher will have food because the predator will most likely die before it can get back into the water.

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